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We exist to help manufacturers navigate the skilled labor shortage

If human welders were readily available, we would’ve stayed out of the welding business.

With a 400k welder shortage forecasted by 2024, skilled welders will become more scarce and your competition will make it even more challenging to keep the welders you have. To bridge the gap across the world, manufacturers are looking to automation and robotics at exponential levels, with forecasted growth of $10 Billion in the next five years.


Supporting high mix manufacturers

Traditional Robotic WeldersPath Robotics
Time to weldHours or even days spent programming points with a teach pendant or offline programming.No programming required. The system scans and identifies the seams that need to be welded, then plans the perfect path.
Point Touch-UpsNever ending exercise chasing loose fit-up tolerances or deteriorating tooling.Path plans are adjusted automatically based on the actual joint location, part to part. We plan the perfect path. There is no need for touch-ups.
Ability to Recognize and Adapt to Imperfect PartsLimited or no ability.Path Robotics cells identify the seam and can make adjustments based on the part that is in front of the robot, not some CAD model.
Ability to Learn on the JobNo ability.Real-time feedback and post-weld inspection feed our AI technology to provide consistently optimal weld quality.
Required Labor1 Process/Weld Engineer
1 Programmer
1 Cell operator
You’ll just need someone to load the part and press Go.
Risk to Your BusinessHundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars in upfront spend and no guarantee that it’ll work for you.There are no upfront costs with our pay-as-you-go subscription model and you won’t see a bill until your cell has proven itself with successfully welded parts. You also have the ability to scale up and down as needed.
New CapabilitiesNoneSoftware upgrades and feature/functionality enhancements ongoing. Your robot will only get smarter over time. It is all included.