It Sees, Understands, and Welds


A new operating paradigm

Using Artificial Intelligence to make Operation Easy

You do not have to "teach" or traditionally program the AW-1, nor do you have to give it 3D or 2D models to match or follow. It can see and understand what to do on the fly.

The AW-1 is a teach-less, smart system designed to make robotic welding simple and intuitive. Driven by proprietary artificial intelligence, the AW-1 has the tools to do the work so you do not have to. The AW-1 sees and autonomously finds weldable seams without prior knowledge, guidance, or assistance. It automatically generates the robotic motions to quickly and safely weld together almost any objects. User interaction is simplified to sub-selection of the found seams and modification of weld parameters as desired.


Built to see

The AW-1 utilizes a set of novel methods that afford the system the ability to see and understand. These techniques give the system a near human feel. It can see what needs to be done, and can figure out how to do it. 

Put the parts in front of the AW-1 and at the touch of a button, the system automatically scans the parts using proprietary 3D scanning hardware and algorithms meant to operate on even shiny, metallic parts. The AW-1 then automatically identifies all the weldable seams visible on the presented part. Now you only have to point out which seams you want to weld. 


The first image above is a part to be welded. The second image, a peek under the hood of the AW-1 as it autonomously identifies and locates the seams on the 3D scanned part. The seams found are colored dark blue. What is shown is 100% produced by the aw-1 system itself.    


path planned



Once the AW-1 has found and located the seams to be welded, it automatically generates the robotic motions to produce the welds safely and efficiently. 


Screenshot from MVI_1273.MOV.png

it welds

Using state-of-the-art welders, the AW-1 talks to and controls the welders to deliver the highest quality welds every single time.