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Quality welds delivered to you in as few as four (4) weeks. Path Robotics offers welding services to help you hit your production goals. No need to look for a contract welder or freelance welder. We’ve got you covered for your MIG welding needs.

Read through the high level here and submit your information if you’d like to discuss it with our team. Spots are limited for this program. 

Are you new to or unsure where you begin with welding automation?

Our new WeldOnTM program enables customers by getting more welding done in as few as 4 weeks, even in the thick of a labor shortage. Your cell begins welding at the 8-week mark on our floor under the supervision of our Path Robotics experts.

Driving more parts through the cell helps it learn to become yours and you benefit from high quality welds 4-6 months earlier than with any other welding automation option. During this time, Path Robotics covers the cost of shipping and ensures quality welds.