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See it for yourself

We’re proud to show off our flagship workhorse.

Adaptive Fill Platform

Detects variable root gaps and bevel angles

Modular Fixturing

Fixture in days, not weeks

Autonomous Path Planning

Removes the need for programming and programmers

Miles of quality weld completed every single month

Meeting Customer Demand

We can’t hire enough people to produce enough trailers that our customers need right now. If we can’t give the customer what they need, they have to go without it or they have to find another manufacturer that can supply them and the Path cell provided us an opportunity to supplement our production.

Garry Hartman – Cheetah Chassis

Seen Enough?

Industry Applications

Structural Poles

Long sided and rounded poles up to 85” baseplate diameter and 25,000 lbs. Capabilities include baseplates, attachments, brackets, ground sleeves, bearing plates, and more.   

Structural Frames

Frames up to 96” in width and 25,000 lbs. Capabilities include cross members, frame rails, landing gear, gussets, stiffeners, assemblies, and more. 

Joint Types

T-joints and butt joints

T-joints, lap joints, and butt joints

Weld Types

Fillet, bevel, flare and v-groove

Fillet, bevel, and flares

Multi-pass and Single-pass



Complete Joint Penetration & Partial Joint Penetration



Joint Thicknesses

up to ½-in

between ⅛-in and ⅜-in


Mild steels

Mild steels