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Your new team of welders has arrived.

With the Path Robotics system, you’ll never have to worry about rework, part placement, perfect parts, or robot programming ever again. One size doesn’t fit all, so we have options for making high-quality finish welding effortless and economical for manufacturers.


Our AF-1 robots can put your welds where you need them. Our cells leverage artificial intelligence and computer vision to see, adapt, and continuously improve. Plus they need little to no oversight. This helps drive your bottom line, overcome labor shortages, and minimize rework.

The arm of an AF-1 Robot


The AW-3 brings autonomous finish welding to longer parts that don’t fit in smaller welding cells. The AW-3 can have one or two welding zones, where one side can weld while the other side loads and unloads.



See It In Action


Plate on Plate

Observe autonomous welding in action on this plate to plate weld. Flexible fixturing removes the need for perfect part placement.


Pipe to Pipe

Our robots work around the clock so you don’t have to. The Path system delivers consistency and efficiency to shop floors.


Bent Bracket

In most of manufacturing, robots require time-consuming and skill-intensive programming. They haven’t been able to teach themselves. Path is changing that.


Utility Pole

Path Robotics uses machine vision to adapt the weld path in flight, creating a near perfect finish every time.