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An alternative to the teach pendant and offline programming

Our first showing at FabTech 2021 was a big one. Our goal was singular – show that we could deliver on truly autonomous welding. 

We had both our AW-2 and AW-3 welding cell configurations on site. Why bring both? Because our robotic welding is not limited to small parts with tilt turn and headstock tailstock configurations. We can also handle larger pieces like poles, chassis, or tanks. In fact, the AW-3 can accommodate lengths up to 65′. 

At the show, we were surrounded by welding automation solutions attempting to simplify robot programming. But, as the Fabricator recently called out, we offered an alternative to the teach pendant and offline programming. 

Path Robotics removed programming. Our proprietary vision and perception systems work together to recognize where a part is in space, and can adjust in real-time to variations. We don’t need perfect parts. We don’t need perfect placement. 

And, our AI system provides a feedback loop to improve the quality of welds as we go along. 

Check out this Fabricator article to hear more about innovative use of data at FabTech 2021.