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These robots won’t program themselves, or will they…

Path Robotics welding cell demonstration.

The only thing harder to find than a skilled welder today is a robot programmer. That’s the irony with the traditional robotics approach of teach pendants and offline programming. You still need skilled labor to operate the robots. We’re here to provide an alternative to the skilled labor you cannot find. 

Our AI robotic welding cells do not require a teach pendant, programmer or expensive custom tooling. You simply need someone to tack it, place it in the cell and hit the go button. 

That’s new and unusual and therefore hard to believe. 

That’s why we held a virtual event to showcase our autonomous robotic welding cells. During this 12-minute recording, we share where we came from, our cell capacity and capabilities. 

Then, we provide a demonstration of our welding cell in action while our head of applications engineering explains how proprietary vision and perception technology makes the impossible, possible. 

Our intelligent robotic cells are not just welding along the planned path, we’re scanning and making adjustments, live.

Check out the recording here: