AW-1 Features 


Up time

Never pick up a teach pendant again. Save time by letting the aw-1 do the work for you. No more long hours building, testing, and saving programs. The AW-1 does all of this for you.


Parts and components are never the same. This can be a big problem for a traditional robotic system. The AW-1 works on the fly and sees the parts anew every single time. You never have to worry again about tolerances or inconsistencies causing crashes or scrap again.

Fixture Freedom

Spend your time and money on something other than fixture design. As the AW-1 sees the parts and builds the tool paths for every part or parts introduced, there is no longer a need for precise and identical part presentation. No more need for expensive fixtures. 

the correct path the first time

Programming a robot requires careful attention. Any wrong path and at best the parts are scrapped. Make no more mistakes by utilizing path planners that generate the trajectories to deliver a quality weld every single time.


AW-1 does shiny

reflection refuting

The AW-1 can be fitted with Path Robotics reflection refuting laser-scanner. Not your traditional laser-scanner, this can operate well on very shiny surfaces. It has been developed to recognize the real laser line when reflections may be visible.