Senior Software engineer

Path Robotics has developed its own state-of-the-art techniques and applied them to the first of its kind, robotic welder. We are now moving from first system deployment, to development of a fully featured, general solution. In order to realize this goal, we need a software guru to lead the back-end development, improvement, and source maintenance. If you can grow and manage a team of developers, is obsessed with keeping the source organized and well documented, and dreams of a robotic future, then this is the job for you!

Your responsibilities will include

  1. Manage and lead the development of the software back-end.

  2. Help set and maintain professionals standards for the entire company and software development as a whole.

  3. Maintaining a road-map of development and plan for future inclusion of new modules.

  4. Grow and lead a team of up to 10 software developers.

Your background likely includes

  1. Substantial experience with multiple languages and programming environments, most particularly C++, Python.

  2. Experience with designing, developing, and maintaining critical software package elements.

  3. Can provide material feedback on the work of junior programmers and programmers

  4. Experience in producing high performance and computational efficient software.

  5. Experience in database design and implementation.

  6. 3-8 years of experience.

  7. Other experience with GPU based computation is highly desirable and experience with ROS.

Compensation, Benefits, & More

One of our core values is being fair, so we like to compensate fairly! We can offer an array of compensation options including equity. We offer health & dental insurance, 401k savings plan, fitness allowance and more.

Career Advancement

Path is a small startup becoming a big one. Career advancement happens fast and regularly: as we grow so do you! Working for a startup is unique. You will learn and develop at a faster pace than you would at a big corporation.


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