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The world of manufacturing is rapidly evolving, forcing companies to navigate an increasingly complex environment.

This infographic highlights a few key statistics and takeaways for these manufacturing trends. 

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Manufacturing is going through a historic transformation that is only likely to accelerate in 2022. We have compiled additional assets below that dive deeper into these trends.

2022 Manufacturing Outlook

Check out the full white paper that details how the labor shortage, reshoring, Industry 4.0 and Hardware as a service models factor in these manufacturing trends and what to expect next.

See It, Believe It

These robots won’t program themselves, or will they? Robot programmers are even more scarce than welders. Lear more about how we get by without them.

Path Overview

Our state-of-the-art intelligence, machine learning and computer vision systems provide manufacturers the flexibility and resilience of intelligent industrial robots. Learn more about our welding cells.