Back-end software Engineer

Building the future of intelligent manufacturing is not easy, but we are doing it at Path Robotics! To realize this robotic future, we need a flexible back-end that integrates robots, sensors, or other systems present in manufacturing together with our state-of-the-art algorithms. A well thought out  back-end affords faster more reliable development and minimizes headaches in the future. Path Robotics is looking for developer with vision, that wants to be empowered with responsibility to make important design decisions but doesn’t mind taking on some of the more tedious work too.

Your responsibilities will include

  1. Collaborating on design of key back-end software architecture and modules.

  2. Integration of novel methods and algorithms into the primary source.

  3. Coding on new features, bug fixes, and unit tests.

  4. Manage code changes with version control using Git branching.

Your background likely includes

  1. Solid knowledge and experience with C/C++ and Git; some knowledge of Python, CUDA, ROS is preferred.

  2. Experience with using linux (we use Ubuntu).

  3. Minimal of BS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering.

  4. Some experience with database design and implementation.

Compensation, Benefits, & More

One of our core values is being fair, so we like to compensate fairly! We can offer an array of compensation options including equity. We offer health & dental insurance, 401k savings plan, fitness allowance and more.

Career Advancement

Path is a small startup becoming a big one. Career advancement happens fast and regularly: as we grow so do you! Working for a startup is unique. You will learn and develop at a faster pace than you would at a big corporation.


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