About Path Robotics


Who is path robotics

Path Robotics, an early stage, venture-backed startup, creating the future of manufacturing.

We are intelligence enablers. There is no reason to waste a good thing, and modern industrial robot hardware is well proven. We develop new artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to make these systems smart. We are enabling hardware to do more with less human input.

Our team has set a new benchmark in agile manufacturing. While welding is not new, our first system robotic system completely changes how welding is done. It does the hard thinking and it does not need to be programmed. It is a big jump forwards, but there is much much more to do.

It takes a team. We work on some of the most challenging problems. Tough problems are best tackled together. Our mission is to bring talented people together in a collaborative environment that fosters employee empowerment to solve those tough problems!

our Core Values

At Path, we have clear values that we want our team to all share.

The first is being straightforward. We strive to make sure there everything is completely clear, explained, and exaggeration is left out. Nothing should be left ambiguous or confusing. We aim to keep everyone informed.

The second is being fair. We all want to be treated fairly, and want to be fair to others too. Fairness, we believe, permeates all things but is especially relevant to us in terms of opportunities given, evaluation of performance, and feedback provided.

The third is independence. We want and encourage independent thinking and believe firmly that the best results come from combining everyone’s best ideas.

The fourth is thoughtfulness. We always strive to be mindful of other peoples opinions, thoughts, and ideas. We always work to be inclusive and respectful of approaches and methods different then our own.

you are path robotics

Everyone at Path Robotics helps to build the path on which we move forward. We are the inventors, we do not wait for the next big idea. We share our visions and ideas, and always work to make each other better. We are a small team where everyone has input and is heard. Everyone is responsible for what tomorrow looks like. Come join our team and help us build a better robotic future.